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Food Safety

Being a food manufacturing business, Master Rolls follows strict Food Safety and Quality Assurance procedures at all times to ensure customers are always receiving fresh and safe ingredients.

We handle all the food at HACCP approved kitchen which has a system with a methodical approach, aimed at process improvement to increase our quality, delivering exactly what customers expect from us.


Will the food in my box remain safe?

Yes. We continue to practice everyday kitchen hygiene when preparing food, including washing hands thoroughly before working with raw ingredients and washing any vegetables before cooking with them.

Throughout the manufacturing and delivery process, all ingredients are kept in cold environments like our chilled warehouse and cold trucks. We receive, cut, portion and pack raw ingredients inside temperature controlled cool room to keep them and deliver them as fresh as we can.

This is to ensure ingredients stay fresh and cool from the moment they are harvested until they reach our customers.


How does our delivery do?

Our deliveries are NOT provided through third party companies.

It's Master Rolls well trained team members.

Our drivers are taking all appropriate steps to ensure they are protecting themselves and our customers.

You are able to set special instructions for your delivery so the driver has clear instructions on where to safely leave the food if you are not at home or if you don't want physical interact with the driver. You can retrieve your food when you are convenient.